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So I imagine this scenerio. You have a rude neighbor who you hate. What if you build a fence on your property, so its maybe half a foot or so away from the property line. Are you then allowed to do whatever you want to the side that faces your neighbor? Such as paint it rainbow colors if they hate gay people perhaps. Where can you draw the line?

I'm sure you're not allowed to draw obscene things on there but what if you drew a bunch of scantily clad women with large breasts for your super uptight Christian neighbors?

Not asking about the morality here, I'm asking about the legality

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TL:DR at bottom. - link to private message I received in regards to this post at bottom.

So let's start this off with what I actually do.

I work for a towing company, casual attire, no uniform of any sort. we seize vehicles for our local police force and people who park in other peoples parking spots, I work in the office and process releases from our yard.

I remember everyone who makes a scene over my company seizing their vehicles because of the stupid things they do.

About a month prior to my incident with Carl he had showed up at my office to get his vehicle back that was seized for back alley banging (caught with a hooker) lost his shit on me because the police chief decides when to release these vehicles in these types of situations and they hadn't sent in a release for it yet so I couldn't release it. Carl lost his mind and said he'd make my life a living hell cause he won't forget me.

Fast forward to yesterday, I was browsing around the local book store, looking for something to keep me entertained during the dead times at work, I had four books in my arms and had just put a book back in the shelf because it didn't look like something I would enjoy. I hear a familiar voice behind me, couldn't remember why till I saw his face. Low and behold, it's Carl.

I don't like confrontations so in order to not catch his eye I quickly scurried off to another area of the store, he followed me and tapped on my shoulder, I completely ignored him, continued my browsing while scooching away without him seeing my face.

All the sudden, he just starts in on me.

Carl: hey! Can you tell me where the kids section is?

Me: uh, sorry. No.

Carl: why the fuck can't you?!

Me: well I don't work here, sorry.

Carl: you're holding an arm full of books and I watched you shelving them, now help me!

Me: don't work here, sorry.

Carl: listen here bitch, I asked for your help now help me!

At this point I'm fed up with his shit, so I turn to him and once he sees my face he gets this strange look on his face as if he recognizes me.

Me: if I remember correctly, your name is Carl, right?

Carl: uh, yeah?

Me: I'd really appreciate it if you'd leave me the fuck alone while I'm here or anywhere else you may see me. I don't work here and judging by the way you're looking at me, you know I don't work here. You're trying to remember where you remember me from. Well, let me help you with that, my company seized your vehicle because you were caught with a hooker.

Well he lost his shit, cursing swearing, actually slapped me at one point which I was completely dumbfounded he thought he had that right seeing as I'm barely 5 feet tall and he's 6'4. The manager of the store called the cops and when they arrived they got stories from me, Carl and the manager, all of which resulted in Carl getting arrested, charged and his vehicle being seized, once again, by my company.

TL:DR - guy asks for help, I can't help him, then guy remembers me from somewhere, physically assaults me, gets arrested.

Edit: formatting.

Edit: I should also add, I'm a 24 y/o 5ft nothing girl. And - because the vehicle that we seized (the second time) was jointly owned they allowed his ex to come get it the following day! She got it released and sold it to the guy who came in with her.

Last edit - holy shit, I made it to the front page? What? Thanks for the gold stranger!

Private message I received in regards to this post.

Okay, I feel like this needs to be said. He lost custody of his child because of the assault on me, okay? Everyone understand that? His ex took him to court and was rewarded full custody of their son... IN THE SPAN OF 24 HOURS SHE GOT FULL CUSTODY. want to know how that works? It means he has had prior assaults on his record within at least the last five years, a lawyer would've warned him that another assault charge could result in loss of parental rights and I'm assuming one did. So I don't care if you all want to blame me for it, he made his choice, he controls his actions and all actions have consequences.

Heck, she would have gotten full custody the second the police would've handed over his "new and improved" record stating he got caught with a hooker, in broad daylight on elementary school property, that would've gotten him put on an even more special list of people.

I've come to learn that people will defend those they most identify with and that's fine by me.

If you choose to fill my inbox with messages spewing your hate, feel free to.

If you choose to fill my inbox with messages supporting how I dealt with it, feel free to.

Most people will only get K. as a response seeing as, I have a job to do and will be doing my job today.

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Hi guys!

My wife and I have been married 2 years, 4 together total.

I grew up in Europe and circumcision is extremely rare there. Apparently it is much more common in the US.

All her past BF were circumcised and she says she prefers it that way.

She stopped giving my oral sex once we got married and she says it’s because she doesn’t like doing it for me because of how I am not snipped.

She also calls it anteater penis and makes increasingly disgusted faces when we have sex.

I am willing to do this in order to make her happy but I just want to know you’re all thoughts about this.

TL;DR: wife doesn’t like my “anteater” dick as she calls it so she wants me to get circumcised.

Thank you /u/kiringiraffe - your testimony sealed the deal for me. I will NOT be doing it!

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This happened one year ago but the aftermath endures.

I took my wife's last name when we got married last year. Trying to make a statement about equality. Women change their names all the time...No big deal right? Not in Australia!

Result? My Dad has straight up disowned me. He says I destroyed the family and have ruined the 'legacy' that he has built. We haven't spoken since (despite my attempts to extend the proverbial olive branch).

The irony of him breaking up the family due to my name change, which supposedly destroys the family, is not lost on me! We actually were fairly close and had a good relationship before which makes it even harder to digest.

Although a man taking a woman's last name is more common in Sweden where we live, it's unheard of down under. So name changers: Beware! But kudos to you who go ahead with it and buck the trend.

TL;DR I took my wife's last name and my dad disowned me. Haven't heard from him in a year despite trying to make amends.


I showed up to the airport after not shaving for 3 days in dirty pajamas with a copy of First Aid, my stethoscope, and my white coat in a plastic shopping bag because I'm a dirty piece of shit, I don’t like flying, and I had to take Step 2 CS and the soonest date was in LA. The flight was half empty so I got an aisle spot in the back which was cash money millionaires. Somewhere cross-country over Kansas-ish I was “studying.”

If anyone on the flight is a doctor, please let us know. You can press the call light.

Oh shit. My finest moment. I jump into action and save the day! So, I did what anyone on /r/medicalschool would do. Nothing.

Don’t pretend you’re a bunch of heroes. I figured on a 737 to LA there had to be at least 3 doctors. No one hit their light. I was in the aisle seat looking hobo chic reading “How to be a Doctor in 3 EZ Steps” and the lady in the window seat glanced at me and glanced at my book like “you gonna go do something or what?” I’d never so wished I was reading Hustler in public. I raised my arm to hit the light at sloth-like speed. No one else did.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that almost every person on the plane turned back to look at me. I felt like a piece of meat. The flight attendant said something about asking whether I could provide some hobo medicine to help.

I’m an MD in about 6 months; I’m a student. If absolutely no one is willing to help you who’s an actual doctor, I’ll come help, but let’s hope someone else hits the call light.

I went to the front of the plane where the patient was. She said she was feeling a little short of breath. I took a brief history, did a complete respiratory exam, a brief cardiac exam, and the flight attendant set her up with some oxygen. People in the back were popping up their heads like meercats trying to watch. Five or so minutes later, two people hit their call lights and came to help when they saw her set up the O2. One surgeon and some other attending. I gave them a couple minutes of the story and said peace out homies. I went back to my seat and 2143234 people asked me what was up with the patient, will they die, what do they have, and reinforced why traffic sucks so bad when there’s an accident on the side of the road. I received nothing in compensation.

Protips: If you’re an attending in a clinical field hit your light you jerk. Don’t look homeless before your flight. Read Hustler instead of First Aid.


I was running on a greenway near my house tonight. It’s right next to the river and runs under some overpasses, so, while it is a gorgeous path, it’s also occasionally prone to some...unpredictable individuals. I noticed there was a shifty looking guy shuffling towards me acting kind of strangely, so I made a point to speed up and put some distance between us after I passed him. He may have spoken to me because I noticed he turned toward me when I went by, but my earbuds drown out any outside sound so I ignored it. However, once I passed the guy, but I realized that I was at a point I really needed to turn around and head home because the sun was starting to set. I stopped to figure out how to proceed, because I really needed to head back but I was getting tired and didn’t know if I felt safe enough to get close to him again.

I happened to notice there was a group of 3 bikers coming towards me so I kind of gauged how fast they were coming, also keeping an eye on the guy who was now in front of me, so I could hopefully pass him with the bikers nearby. I timed it well enough and as they approached me, I took off in a dead sprint beside them like I knew them and we all passed the guy as a group. Again, I think he started yelling at us, but I just powered through. The last biker got beside me and she had the most worried look on her face, and she asked if I was okay. I pulled out my headphones to thank her tremendously for somehow figuring out that quickly that I needed that buffer. They kept pace with me a little ways further until the sketchy guy was long behind us and made me reassure them twice I was fine before they continued on.

Makes me believe in the good in the world, and all that jazz, and more pressing, makes me want to be that person for someone else. I ended up running into a friend at the end of the trail and he could only shake his head and lament how much it sucks to be a woman because he never even thinks about that, and that he too was glad someone else had looked out for me. So thank you. It very easily could have been a harmless situation, or a very bad one, and you handled it almost as fast as I was processing it myself.

TL;DR Much thanks to the eagle eyed strangers who don’t hesitate to check on/protect those who may be in some distress.


I know who Khashoggi is, where he was allegedly killed, who allegedly killed him, what the ramifications are, and how it's straining international diplomacy, but I cannot find any info regarding the Saudi's motive for having him killed. Did he say something? Does he have info that they don't want out?

Latest news:


When going over my expense report my company saw I tipped 20% for lunch one afternoon. Lunch was $15, the tip was $3. They told me that is too much "because I wouldn't do that with my money". Heck yeah I do. I just took the better part of an hour of my servers time. The least I could do is leave $3. It's $3 for crying out loud, but rules are rules. However my company is fairly generous allowing me $75 a day to spend on food, which I never do and that's about to change. For lunch today instead of my usual salad or sandwich, I went for the lobster grilled cheese. And of course upgrades my regular fries to the duck fat fries. Enjoy "saving" that 5% for the rest of my travel meal expenses.

Edit: For those saying tip out of my pocket. I was explicitly told to tip using the companies money and just count it towards my daily amount.

Edit2: Good grief people, this is not stealing or "destroying" the company. This money is already budgeted for when I travel and this company isn't going under because Vielden decides to spend $10 more on food to leave a tip. The company is juuuust fine. This won't be a blip on their radar.


It isn't that I hate my current job, it's actually pretty easy and pays enough. I just don't want to go. I think even if I were offered my dream job paying quadruple what I make now, I still wouldn't want to do it. People tell me to find a job I love, but even if I loved it, I still wouldn't want to do it unless there's some way to get paid for watching TV - not writing reviews, not being in a focus group, just sitting quietly at my house watching TV and interacting with no one.

That scene in Office Space where Peter says if he had a million dollars he would do nothing? That's exactly how I feel. I just want to eat, drink and sit here in my chair watching TV or playing video games until I die.


Pamela Hobley(15) and Patricia Spencer (16) disappeared from the small town of Oscoda, Michigan October 31st 1969. According to details the pair were last seen leaving the high school and were supposed to attend a Halloween party that night but they never showed according to witnesses. They did not take any personal items, clothes, money or purses. Some believe they ran away, while others believe the girls met with foul play. I have heard rumors like the ones listed here - - I live in a neighboring town (also very small) and I just cannot believe that this has never been solved. I also do not think they ran away. Someone would have heard something after almost 50 years! It's really sad because the family still posts missing/reward posters at various businesses around Iosco County. Our local police have basically no experience working with homicides or missing people because around here it just rarely happens. It's pretty common that evidence will be mishandled or missing. Along with poor detective work. Ever since I saw the girls faces on a poster at work , this case has really been bothering me. Especially since it is almost Halloween. I just got a feeling that these girls had something horrible happen to them and they want to be found. Thoughts?


I see many posts about early retirees using high deductible ACA plans, but I've found an alternative that offers MUCH better insurance at much lower rates: student health insurance plans.

I FIRE'd a year ago but not until I was accepted into a master's program at a university with a great health insurance plan. Yes, I have to pay tuition but I'm only taking one class per term (two per year) in order to drag out my degree as long as possible. My classes are $1,125 each and health insurance in the Cigna network costs $1,750. In addition, I've enrolled my partner for dependent coverage at another $1,750 per year. Our plan has a $0 deductible and $6,400 out-of-pocket maximum per individual. Any in-network services are a $20 co-payment or at most 10% coinsurance.

Each year, we receive fantastic coverage and I complete two classes toward a graduate degree for just $5,750. This will keep us covered for five years at which point one of us will apply for another degree program. In addition, my program is fully online, so we have the flexibility to live anywhere we choose.

I hope some others in this community can benefit from this option. I imagine part of the reason the student plans are so cheap is the fact that most enrollees are in their twenties. But age doesn't matter when enrolling through a university plan, so might as well take advantage!


Absolute bliss.

It makes me even more frustrated in some ways, though. That kid derails the class so much that they are always behind. No matter how many conversations I have with admin, parents, or counselors. Today I caught a glimpse of how that class should be.

EDIT: Apparently this post is showing up on the "popular" feed. Please understand that this subreddit is a place for teachers to get together, share tips and advice, humor, stories, and occasionally vent. Just because you see some teachers in here venting doesn't mean that they hate kids, or special needs kids, or that they don't care.

We do care, we care a lot, which is one of the reasons why our jobs can be so frustrating. The reason why we occasionally vent or let off steam here, is so that during the school day, when it matters, we can greet all of our students with a smile, and treat them with the respect that they deserve.

I don't think there is anyone of us that isn't dedicated to helping even the most difficult students, and our moments of breakthrough with them are some of the most rewarding of our careers, even if there is a lot of frustration along the way.


I’m a Republican. But I believe that anyone can be married to anyone. As long as it doesn’t hinder my rights you can marry whoever you want. You can spend the rest of your life with the any person you desire. The Republican party believes in traditional marriage and voted against gay marriage in 2015. I can’t believe it was not legal in the first place. Things like that make me question the party continuously.

My major beliefs belong to the Republican party. Therefore, I call myself Republican. Due to the political “stereotypes” running around, I sometimes call myself a centrist.

I get slandered all the time by Republicans calling me “traitor” or flat out ignoring me. I get assigned to the long belief list on the Republican website. I actually hate many things Republicans in power do. I don’t like Trump. I’ve seen enough.

This doesn’t just apply to Republicans though. It applies to all parties. I only know about the Republican side because of my experience.

We should stop assuming that people saying that they belong to a party automatically believes in EVERYTHING it stands for.

Edit: Realized I don’t vote Republican > Realized that I’m not Republican. Thanks for the feedback!


Hello reddit friends, this is René Redzepi, here to answer as many of your questions as time permits.

About me: I am a chef from Denmark, son of an Albanian Muslim immigrant and a Danish mother. I trained in many restaurants around the world before returning home to Copenhagen and opening a restaurant called noma in 2003. Our restaurant celebrates the Nordic region’s ingredients and aims to present a kind of cooking that express its location and the seasons, drawing on a local network of farmers, foragers, and purveyors. In February 2017, we closed noma in the space we called home for 14 years. In February 2018, we reopened noma in a new location in Copenhage and turned our focus even more on the seasons of our region which helped us to define three distinct menus throughout the year.

I am the co-author of the new book, The Noma Guide to Fermentation, along with David Zilber, Director of Fermentation at noma. It is the first book of a series called the Foundations of Flavour intended to share what we do at the restaurant and make it accessible for home cooks. I am also the author of Noma: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine and A Work in Progress.

In 2011 I founded MAD, a nonprofit organization that brings together a global cooking community with a social conscience, a sense of curiosity, and an appetite for change. Each year we gather some of the brightest minds of the food industry to discuss issues that are local, global, and personal. On MAD’s website you can watch talks from all symposiums (for free) as well as all of our articles: In August 2017, they launched VILDMAD, a program and app for people of all ages designed to teach everyone how to be a forager, and how to cook everyday meals with wild ingredients. This fall, they published the collection of essays You and I Eat the Same, the first book of the MAD Dispatches series.

I’m also married, and my wife Nadine Levy Redzepi and I have three daughters: Arwen, Genta, and Ro.

My Instagram is @reneredzepinoma



Step 1 is to be a slightly overweight average dude for at least 15 consecutive years as an adult.
Step 2 is to quietly, without any advertisement, abruptly change your diet to a proper weight lifting diet, 5 meals a day, heavy in protein, and begin lifting heavy weights 4-5 days a week minimum, full body routine with cardio the other 2 days.
Step 3, continue program, erasing all excess fat while building muscle, and do this while never talking about progress, or complaining about gym soreness to social media, coworkers or extended family.
Step 4. As people ask you what the fuck you're doing that made such big changes, shrug your shoulders and pretend to not know what they're talking about. This must be genuine, you need to really practice your oblivious face. And when someone at work brings in cookies, or cake, always be the first in line to eat it, go for seconds when available, and be sure to compliment whoever brought it in on how good their cooking is.

This is the ultimate low-key method to quietly aggravating all co-workers, family and friends. Be extremely healthy, literally bursting with muscle, be happy, and offer fucking zero explanation for how the transition was possible. It's interesting when you discover that when you're at your peak, you find less and less people rooting for you and more and more people getting quietly frustrated and confused.

I'm 2 weeks away from 1 full consecutive year of this program and it's been very enjoyable.


So, sometimes I feel like I "need" something new -- sometimes I'm attracted to improved features, or feel like I'm missing out or whatever. It happens to most of us. This is what I do instead:

I deep clean the thing I already own, make repairs, even paint or customize it if that would make it better.

For example, I've had the itch to get a new vehicle. But, instead, I really detailed the car with good-quality products. The dog had made a mess of the backseat cushions. I took them entirely out and scrubbed them down, let them dry in the sun to get rid of dog odor. I buffed out some scratches, got the windows almost invisible, oil hinges, even cleaned out the trunk area. There was almost no dog hair, dust, or dirt anywhere. Sure there were some 'character marks' but once the car was deep cleaned and shiny (and smelling good, because I put in a brand new air freshener) it really scratched that itch for 'new shiny.'

I've done this with appliance and kitchen stuff, shoes... you name it, I've done it. I was feeling some sewing machine envy the other day, but I broke out the toolbox instead and got my machine up to snuff and moving smoothly. Boom, desire gone.

ETA: sometimes I'm really attracted to a feature on a product -- like an ice maker or some other 'convenience.' When it's feature envy, I always try to figure out a way to rig-up that feature. In my case -- I only want ice for a few months out of the year. Buying a bag of ice once a year for a whole 2 dollars, even for the rest of my life will be far, far cheaper than a new fridge and the water line to make the icemaker go.


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